Our Prices

All prices are aproximated, due to any situacion needs a diferent solution. The estimative bill will be presented to the client in the following days to the first visit and will be open to any client´s suggestion. 
El presupuesto se entrega en los siguientes días a la primera visita y se quedará abierto a sugerencias por parte del cliente.

First visit

First visit, estimated price and planning. Will be discounted from the total price of the project. €70 Travel outside Valencia Capital, €5 for every 10km. First visit virtual through video call and estimated price - FREE
Desplazamiento fuera de Valencia Capital, 5€ por cada 10km.

Primera visita virtual a través de videollamada y presupuesto - GRATUITO

Closet organization

Includes emptying, cleaning, discard, donation, recycling, buying materials, disign of closets if necessary, organization and labels. From 150€ + materials

Home Staging

If you need to sell or rent your home, count on us to improve the estetics and the funcionality of the house and facilitate the transaction. Service for particular or real estate agency. From 200€ + materials

Complete Organization

Organizacion and tidy-up complte service, acording to client´s needs. If deep cleaning and improvnemts are needed, will bo added to the service. Price per hour 28€ + VAT

Clearing out houses

We take care of sorting, packaging, donation or selling of all that a house after a loved one’s death might need. Respectfully, with lots of care, in order to make it all easy for the family that is going thru difficult moments. From 250€

Professional Cleaning

Servicio externo con nuestros colaboradores de confianza.
All typs of house cleaning, with the best profesionals. Price per hour 12€ +VAT


Exclusive Moving Service - All included

Includes all the moving process, from firts visit, planning, pre-move, packaging, translate, insurance of breackage, organizacion and put in place in the new home. 

Ordena MI Hogar

Ioana Furtuna

Deja en nuestras manos todo el proceso de tu mudanza.

Contamos con los mejores profesionales.

Collaborators most trusted

Presupuesto a Medida

tu Hogar

Pide tu presupuesto sin compromiso. 


Seguro de rotura

Cubre cualquier posible desperfecto.

servicios a tu medida

Todos los servicios que Ordena MI Hogar ofrece se adaptan a las necesidades de cada persona.

Convertimos tu casa en tu HOGAR.

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